Flower Fairy

Fall into the world of the Flower Fairies and begin your special day with a sprinkling of fairy dust. Once you awaken you will open your eyes into your very own fairy party, where you will go on a Flower Fairy hunt, play musical toadstools, fairy, fairy, troll, pin the fairy on the flower, learn a flower fairy dance and win lots of prizes. Plus there is the beautiful parachute to play some more games with and see the magical bubbles float in the air, ready for you to pop them with your wands. It’s a party any little Tinkerbell dreams of having for their special day.

We have our arts and crafts that we can bring to your party too, giving you the chance to design and decorate your own fairy wings, wands and tiaras. All the materials are supplied with a lovely choice of glitter, flowers, jewels, stickers, buttons, sequins, tissue paper, feathers etc.

We also have our special NEW! Garden Fairy party where you can design and create your own fairy house from natural things you find in the garden, just like a fairy. Please click on the Garden Fairy to your left to see more information.

A typical party lasts two hours with a half an hour break in the middle for you to have your party tea or snack and drink (provided by you).

This Party is for age 3+

The birthday child receives a birthday gift and card from The Party Factory, and all the guests will receive a treat too.