Pirate Parties

Invite us to come and make your friends walk the plank, pass the canon, go on a treasure hunt and unlock Captain Hooks code to the treasure, learn a pirate sword fight, play hook toss, popping canon balls and pin the pirate on the boat plus win lots of prizes too. At the end of the party we have our pirate ship sail (parachute)to play capture the pirate and plenty of bubbles to pop with your swords/ wands. This party can be tailored to a particular pirate theme like Peterpan, Pirates of the Caribbean or Jake and the Neverland Pirates etc. just let us know and we will make it happen.

We can also do arts and crafts at your party with the option of decorating your own pirate swords or pirate masks. The Party Factory bring all of our own materials such as feathers, glitter, glue, buttons, sequins, paper, foil, pens etc.

A typical party lasts two hours with a half an hour break in the middle for you to have your party tea or snack and drink (provided by you).

This Party is for age 3+

The birthday child receives a birthday gift and card from the Party Factory and all the guests receive a Party Factory treat too.