Garden Fairy

Fall into the world of the Garden Fairies and begin your day with a sprinkling of fairy dust. We play a couple of fairy games first before we go and create your own magical home for your fairies to live in using all natural materials from sticks, leaves, flowers, feathers, moss, etc. materials are seasonal so for example if you book this during autumn your fairy houses will have colourful leaves, acorns, chestnuts, seeds etc. We bring all the materials with us and can either place them in your garden for the children to do a scavenger hunt of things they need to find to make a fairy house or we can just put it out on the arts and crafts table and get stuck in straight away, it depends on your location of the party. We allow 40 minutes to build these houses with the children and each child upon completion receives their fairy key.

We then play a couple more fairy games like musical toadstools, fairy fairy troll. At the end of the party we get our wonderful parachute out for the end, with more games and magical bubbles to pop with your wands.

This party lasts two hours with a half an hour break in the middle for you to have your party tea or snack and drink (provided by you).

This Party is for age 3+

The birthday child receives a birthday gift and card from The Party Factory, and all the guests receive treats too.