Princesses, Knights and Dragons

Everyone loves to dress up and be a beautiful princess, a knight in shining armour or a fire breathing dragon! This Party will get you and your friends charging around and playing games like pass the dragon egg, royal challenges, popping bubbles with swords, pin the villain in the dungeon plus we have our fantastic colourful parachute to play more games with and our famous game popcorn to get you all going crazy! Plenty or prizes to be won all themed to your party.

We can also offer arts and crafts activities to do in your party so all the children take home something they have made from your party - they can choose from tiaras and swords.

A typical party lasts two hours with a half an hour break in the middle for you to have your party tea (provided by you).

This party is for age 3+

The birthday child receives a birthday gift and card from The Party Factory and all guests receive a treat too.