Pizazz Dance and Drama Parties

Pizazz Dance and Drama Parties can be for ages 7+ and consist of an hour or two hours dependent on your party needs.

This party allows you to learn a small dance routine to your favourite song or musical, explore character improvisations and build fun scenes with your friends. Dependent on the age of your party, we can include party dances, drama games and prizes or for a more professional approach we can build a small scene to rehearse and perform to your parents 10mins before the end of your party.

We can bring our fancy dress box so you can pick a few things too, to help you make your scene like Poms Poms for a cheerleading dance or cowboy hats and indian tomahawks for your drama scene. Let’s be creative and make it an awesome party!

A typical party lasts two hours with a half an hour break in the middle for you to have you party tea or snack and drink (provided by you).

The birthday child receives a birthday gift and card from the Party Factory and all guests receive a treat too.

*Parachute and bubbles is included if you would like it, it maybe that your party age maybe too old for this so please let us know what you require.